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Love to have fun (well who doesn't)! I am little bit of a party animal, but wouldn't mind spending an evening reading a book or just watching the tv. I do tend to talk a lot but sometimes i plain switch off and brood...still dont know what about. I love dogs!! I have one of my own and he is the best gift I gave myself.


Friday, March 02, 2007

Night Stop

My first night stop and I was (naturally) petrified. Sigh! But there was no going round about it so just had to deal and get on with life. What made it worse? There was this colleague of mine who felt I had an attitude problem as I was not humored by his jokes in one of our flights. He said so to a pal of mine and the news reached me…four days with this person…oh great but what the heck you have to work and you wont get ur best pals on all your flights.

I had a nice time (surprisingly), went out shopping and sight seeing and this person who felt I had an attitude problem, doesn’t think so anymore. Now he calls me a “baccha” meaning “kid”, I guess we kinda broke the ice and got along (but I don’t like being called a kid, especially by him).

When flying back from Dubai (that’s where I had been to) a passenger asked me why I was flying for this particular airline…he felt I had “potential” and should opt for a better airline. While I did defend the honour of my airline, I did agree (secretly) with his opinion about the image of my airline. He told me to shift ASAP coz he felt I was being wasted here. Oh well…this profession is just a passing phase…let’s see what the future holds in store for me.

I managed to bonk my head in the aircraft while working in the galley. I was sporting a swollen forehead and not to mention the pain. They have started giving us international flights and now it’s going to be really hectic.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Introduction please!!

Oh just go jump in a well and stay there why don’t you!!!! Wish I could say that and get away with it. Since we are relatively new; wait scratch that they call us babies out here, one has to introduce oneself morning, noon and night. Good Evening Sir/Ma’am I am XYZ. It does not matter you see them at the crew lounge, staircase, transport section even in the medical dept for crying out loud.The worst is when after done introducing yourself, they ask your whole bio data and by the time you are done repeating it to like five different people you just feel taking a print out and hanging it around your neck.

The most irritating question being: “Do you have a boy friend??” (since when did that fit into "tell me something abt yourself??") Ya, well I have loads can’t really count them on my fingers you know!! Dumb nutcases!! If you say no, they go like you don’t? How come?? Jeez!!! And if you say yes, they want to know all about him. Like I am telling you!!
But this whole introduce yourself is really getting on my nerves, its almost like I have mugged it all up now and it comes out real quick all readymade answers. I feel like a parrot sometimes…saying the same thing over n over n over.

I am off for two days…yay!!! Finally some sleep will come my way. :D

Friday, February 02, 2007

Nice n Quiet

Its cold and you are wondering why you are awake when the whole world is asleep…you walk up those steps and you see more people; you push your shoulders back and enter the room preparing yourself mentally and physically . Soon you are on your way out. You are on the move again, running all the procedures in your head. You reach your ‘work station’…soon they come and you smile as you help them out, answer their queries…because that’s your job and you really don’t mind.

Soon you are on your way to another destination. People are eating and you are hurrying around making sure no one gets missed out and they are getting 100% of the service.

It’s over, finally. The cabin lights dim.
All is quiet they are all asleep. Sigh…the bliss of a midnight flight.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

The things you learn abt life...

Whats with old men anyway?? They just don’t know what to do with their lives now do they? So option one harass the young girl. What is option number two? Make sure u give her a lecherous grin. Option three actually get the point across that you don’t give ur undivided attention to any girl (oh bull!!Big favour you are doing me !).

While you are busy telling him something important he is busy telling how beautiful ur eyes are and how dreamy they look. Dreamy? Blink blink!! What crap? Dreamy would not be the right word when u report for work at four in the morning. Hello!!! Then u get back to what u were saying but no he is not going to let it go is he?? Like a dog with a bone he persists on telling you what he thinks ur eyes remind him of…yeah can someone call up and tell his wife please! Cant do that, when you are 39,000ft above ground. Sigh. Then you make him like 13 glasses of tea coz he thinks u make wonderful tea. And you cannot say no coz ur a junior and all u can do is smile; fend of his questions without being rude.

But sometimes it gets worse than this. Sentences pop out with double meanings and you make sure you take the innocent option …act as if u don’t understand because you really don’t want to think abt what he really means and then they laugh…saying she is a smart one she understands but she is not willing to respond. Very diplomatic...but she will learn soon, so they say. How I wish I could push them or see them toppling down the stairs and splat!

Then he thinks he has the bloody right to call u sweetheart! Say what? Old coot! Ignore ignore it’s gonna get over in another hours time…keep chanting this in your head. Paste a polite smile and just walk away; you won’t see him for a long time to come (at least till the next time u have to work with him or them). But the other things make up for this… so you learn to move on and let this go because they are not worth your thoughts.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Long Time

I think it goes without saying that I did the disappearing act from the blog world for God knows how many days. A lot of blah blah happened during these months- tied up with training, moving from one place to the other. And, trying to understand my job which keeps getting complicated every day. At this rate might as well dump everything and get married!

I guess I am too chicken for that so I will stick to my job like glue...and this is just me rambling coz right now I am completely petrified about my work.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Should I?

There comes a time in your life…okay maybe not in every ones life but at least in a few others and mine…you feel the need to write. No I am not talking about blogging. It’s just that when life dishes out so much at you that you really don’t know the colour of your skin anymore (coz you are covered with all that muck) a need arises. The need being to pen down those thoughts that crowd into your head in the middle of the night. Who am I kidding? Well they revolve around in my head like 24/7. Its only when its quiet and late that those thoughts seem louder than usual.

So one day while I was on the phone with my pal…I think I am going to start writing about all of this. It just came out; it wasn’t like I had thought about it or anything. But when I voiced it aloud it seemed to make sense somehow. And to my surprise instead of saying I have gone cuckoo my friend said maybe I should start writing. Now that she had seconded this notion of mine it seemed to frighten me. Now I am no great writer…scratch that, I am not a writer. So after much blah blah we decided that I would start writing and as and when I finished a page I would send it to her for review. It sounded fine to me. After all how difficult can a page be?

Very difficult, I can tell you that. So you want to write but then these notions that are swimming in your head once put on screen, they actually make u want to press the delete key as much as possible.

You type in something…then you go…jeez I can’t write that. No, no delete start over. Then you write something and go…I sound melodramatic. Then the next line and the next and so on. Each meets its fate with the delete key. Now I know why we cant voice our thoughts…it even scared the daylights out of me.

Then it came to me one sentence after another. I went on till I finished three chapters. Well I have numbered them as three chapters and I am still working on the fourth one. I did show it to my pal and she liked them. Now we all know how supportive a friend can be and she is a brick. But the best part is that even she started writing.
Now the point of this entire monologue was a discussion I had with her. Should I put up those chapters or should I not. Hmmm.

P.s. and Wendy a brick is nice.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It's going to be okay

It is creeping in slowly and steadily.
Try to stop…to stop thinking.

There is so much of noise, so many people around
I forget for a while and it fades away.

But when it’s silent and no ones around
I can feel it creeping back.

Its cold fingers stretching towards…
Day after day…night after night.

Tears fall freely without cause...some say.

It’s going to be okay…will it ever?